ABOUT US: Hey. We're Bob & Jeremy. We love pro wrestling, movies, music, & making art. We want to share our fandom and love doled out in little pieces of metal and enamel for the world to wear. Also, part of our mission in this pin community is to help support the business that inspires us by collaborating with pro wrestlers on official merch, and doing pins for charities. We live in the Los Angeles area, so if you see us at a local wrestling promotion or pin show please say hi!

RETAIL INQUIRIES WELCOME! Just shoot us a message through the "contact" link above and let us know what your usual deal is for buying wholesale or consignment. We'd love to get our pins in your store. (NOTE: We do not do drop shipping for other web based stores.)

CUSTOM PIN INQUIRIES: We are open to collaborations with other pin makers, & pro wrestlers especially, but we can make custom pins for you too! We have affordable rates that would include art and custom backing cards as well. Shoot us a message from the "Contact Us" link above!

RETURN POLICY: All sales are final, typically. However we are also human and can understand extenuating circumstances. We can discuss issues on a case by case matter.

SHIPPING INFO: Orders usually ship out on weekends at the very latest, but we'll try and get things out ASAP. They are shipped USPS for both domestic and international**. If another form of delivery is needed (or extras such as signature confirmation), please ask prior to ordering and we will do our best to accommodate (though may require an additional fee if the difference in price is above a certain threshold). 

**International orders will be declared as a gift under $5 whenever possible to help you save import fees. International mail is sent First Class international via a shipping hub in Torrence, CA. Please allow up to 5-7 business days from the "Pre-Shipment" scan on your tracking for your next acceptance scan to be populated at the hub. From there you should receive regularly updated tracking scans every few days, and arrive within 10-14 business days from the scan marked as entering your country. Unless otherwise noted on your tracking your shipment should come via country's local postal service (ie: Royal Mail, Canada Post, Australia Post, etc.) not a private carrier. The tracking via USPS will end once the package is scanned as accepted into your country and on its way to destination. Your tracking may or may not work in your country's local tracking system for further scans and details, but rest assured the package is on the way.

If a shipping problem arises please contact the post office with your tracking info first. if you didn't get a tracking email we should be able to look it up for you. And if you need us to file a trace for you we are happy to do so if it is possible.

RISK OF LOSS/REPLACEMENT POLICY: Once a shipment is in the mail, it is literally out of our hands. If mail goes missing and the post office is no help recovering it let us know. We are unfortunately not a big company like amazon who can afford to send replacements fully complimentary. Technically once we can illustrate we have mailed the package via tracking page we are not liable for missing mail. However we also don't want the customer to be completely screwed. So we can try to help with replacement pins on a case by case basis if they are available in stock. But the shipping cost will need to be covered by the customer for the replacement shipment.

If you have any other issues with your order or our product, please let us know right away (No later than 30 days) so we can help the most effective and efficient way possible.

Thanks for reading, and supporting us!