• Image of Darksaber
  • Image of Darksaber
  • Image of Darksaber

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This big and gorgeous pin was inspired by the most renowned weapon in Mandalorian history. An ancient weapon created by a force-sensitive Mando & Jedi warrior with a long and tumultuous history. Whoever wields it leads the Mando'ade!

Created and cast from a 3-D model inspired by the saber's appearance in Rebels, this pin has 2 variants! One (Rebels variant) dual plated in nickel and black nickel with gold enamel accents. The other limited edition (Gideon variant) in all black nickel with white glow in the dark accents, inspired by its appearance in the final scene of the Mando show's first season.

- Rebels Variant: Dual plated nickel & black nickel w/ gold enamel accents
- Gideon Variant: LIMITED EDITION OF 25, black nickel w/ white glow in the dark accents
- 2.5" long, double posted w/ Rubber clutch backs
- This is the way!